When it comes to preparing for the big day, planning ahead can be crucial. Your wedding day means tons of photos that will be treasured for a lifetime, so it is natural to want to look your very best. 

There are already so many things to keep track of. From flowers, invitations, entertainment and catering, to clothes and beauty needs, it can be easy for some things to get pushed to the side. The wedding dress along with hair and makeup are usually the main priorities. So it’s quite understandable that spray tanning may get forgotten. The problem is, the best tanning results come with some preparation and planning, so last minute tanning solutions are not going to work out quite as well. 

An ideal tan should leave you looking radiant, it should complement your dress, and help smoothen skin tone and highlight your features. That radiant natural glow is very achievable if you know what you are doing. So here is a look at some of the things to keep in mind and some things to avoid when tanning for your wedding day. 

Try Things Out Beforehand

With such a big day that only happens once, it is good to try things out and give time to some trial runs. Deciding if you are going to use a tanning professional is a good first step, and if you are, then finding the right one is no different from picking the right flower arranger or hair stylist. Talk to many and ask a lot of questions. It can be good to make sure they have seen you and can answer questions specifically about your skin and complexion. Questions are important and you don’t need to be shy about it. Skin technicians know this is an important day for you. 

There is a lot you can learn from a trial run. This kind of thing is common when it comes to hair and makeup for a wedding, and your tan should have the same consideration. Some things can’t be learned without trying. The color that will work best for your skin and your dress and even the lighting at your locations are all important details that require testing. Another key element is that with spray tanning there is often a sweet spot for the days following your tan. So a trial period where you can see how long your skin holds a tan and how fading works on your body is a great measure to take. 

The best timing for a test tan is just before one of your final dress fittings and before makeup trials. This will allow for a view of how this tanning tone will fit with your makeup. Another great tactic is to try on dresses of similar fabrics and white tones to see if there will be any staining issues. 

Preparation For The Best Results

Pre-tan skin prep can make or break a tan. On your biggest day, there is no reason to cut corners. With proper skin prep your skin will better absorb the tanner and will hold your tan longer and more evenly. Nobody wants to come off looking orange and some of these prep steps will ensure that you can avoid unwanted tints. 

Shave and exfoliate a minimum of 24 hours in advance of your tan. Use an abrasive surface when scrubbing with any body wash your skin is comfortable with. Sugar based scrubs will help resist drying that can come from salt bases. Keeping your skin well moisturized is important, but do not use any lotions, makeup, or products on the day of. It’s important for your skin to be completely clean for at least 5 hours before your appointment. Lotions, oils, and deodorants can all negatively affect the tan. Blotching and uneven tones can occur and some products can even change the color of the tan when mixed. 

Timing Is Everything

Timing is probably the most important aspect of planning your wedding tan. Leave enough time for a successful trial run. Learn what colors are best for your body and timing on how long things last. With this information, book your appointment at least 2 days out from your wedding day. This should give enough time for the tan to completely set and time for a few good showers to soften the tan into a more natural glow with less bronzer. The rinse period is so important. Not only to soften the color and make it look more natural, but also, the bronzer is what will rub off on clothes, so a good rinse will minimize staining. 

Custom Tanning Options

Automated spray tans at a studio are very convenient and always an option, but going the extra step to book a custom tan can be very worth it for your wedding day. Spray tans vary. It is not a foolproof process at all. Automated tans are easy and efficient, but they can leave out some of the nuances that can be important on a day where all eyes are on you. A custom tanning tech can blend things to fit your unique skin needs. A technician who has bridal experience can be a valuable asset as well. Brides tend to want to go a little lighter than they normally would. Spray tans can easily end up too dark if you haven’t fully prepared. A custom tan will offer custom mixing of the tanning solution to avoid bad tinting issues or discoloration. 

The main key to remember is that tanning is a process that is worth just as much planning and consideration as your hair and makeup on your wedding day. With some good planning and forethought you can find that radiant glow you’ve been looking for. 

If you’re looking for the best of the best then Organic Bronze Bar can help you achieve that beautiful wedding day glow you’re looking for. Give us a call or drop on by to schedule a trial run.