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Organic Bronze Bar is on a mission to spread beauty without dangerous chemicals, exposure to harmful UV rays, and other health worries. OBB owners are in a unique position to foster sisterhood and improve lives by providing a safe and comfortable space to get a spray tan.

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Never owned a business, no business degree, no problem! Looking for a network to operate multiple stores, GREAT! Whether you want to run one store or 50, we are here to help you get started.

As an Organic Bronze Bar owner, you will receive help every step of the way! We help you…

  • negotiate your lease
  • coordinate your location
  • build-out and set up your store
  • hire staff
  • build your website
  • set up marketing strategies
  • franchise fee 32k (See FDD for “total investment” $$ range)
  • royalty fee 8% off gross revenue

And we provide tools and resources along with ongoing support for all of these functions so you can thrive as a business owner.

Founders Note

I’m Danielle Van Auken, Founder/Owner of Organic Bronze Bar.

Our healthy lifestyle brand is currently franchised in Oregon, Washington, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Boise, Idaho. We are the new healthy alternative to UV tanning salons. The first of our kind in that we are the first brick and mortar, opening specifically to replace dangerous UV tanning beds, as well as chemical spray tans. Our goal is to save lives, as one person dies every hour from skin cancer in the US alone. We want to put UV tanning salons out of business and we are ready to replace this billion-dollar industry with our healthy concept. Owning a business that gives back, raises money for skin cancer research and educates, is just the start to who we are. As the Founder my superpower is in bringing awareness around skin cancer. When it comes to giving back and making an impact on this world, what is your passion? Who would you help and how do you want to make a difference?

We hand spray our clients with state-of-the-art equipment and customize the color to our clients’ specific skin tones, leaving customers looking natural and beautiful. Our clients leave with a smile and beaming confidence, this is “one of the rewards of owning this business” We have rave reviews about our tans and our service! Read our reviews. (Wink, high five!) Although our fair-trade ingredients cost more to ensure quality and safety, we have an affordable price point that fits all consumers budgets. We are a membership-based business. We have several memberships, 3 different premium level memberships, a teen membership and a college membership. Check out our website for pricing. We also sell tan-packs and have a happy hour tan as well. A regular tan costs $65 and it takes us about 15 minutes or less to airbrush a client to perfection. Having the membership base is a nice way to cover the monthly nut for your business, once you build your clientele.

Our business model’s low overhead and simplistic concept allow us to be a catalyst for many “giving back” activities and goals. Helping to contribute to diseases, homelessness, education, foster kids, mental illness, veterans, animals, the environment etc., are some of the reasons our owners are drawn to this business. It’s each owners’ choice to determine how they can utilize this brand to have a sense of giving back and/or creating joy. Whether you share my passion with skin cancer education, or have your own passion, this business provides an arena in which you can successfully make an impact. The education, safety, community, and world involvement is the first layer of OBB! Now what about the beauty factor!

Most business owners will tell you the hardest part of owning a business is the employees. Not at OBB! Our original franchise locations still have the employees they had when they opened.

Our teams love what they do! Make money while helping people to feel beautiful, confident and healthy. It’s a no brainer. Our performance model is outstanding and employees feel rewarded for the work they do. Having a happy staff means having a successful business, so we are passionate about our leadership style and the environment we create for our staff.

Let’s talk about what makes us so unique. Currently you have UV tanning salons, which offer booth spray tans, using chemicals. There are also individuals who travel to preform mobile airbrush tanning. In addition, there are salon/spa type businesses which offer spray tans, as an afterthought service, to their other salon and spa services i.e. hair, facials, etc. In other words, they do not specialize in spray tans, or have the corner on this market. So how does Organic Bronze Bar do it right? We have beautiful airbrush tanning salons, designed specifically for high performance airbrush tans. Better yet, our hand-crafted formula is made with all natural and organic ingredients (gluten free, vegan, cruelty free, and is non-toxic). With over 50 anti-aging and hydrating ingredients, clients get a healthy glow AND nurture their skin’s health.

At the end of the day most people who want to own their own business, are looking to make money, have freedom, give back and spend their time as they wish. Choosing a business model that allows you to grow your business, spend more time doing the things you love and with your family, while running your business remotely, is the best road map to a fulfilling life style. We are a brand that provides ongoing training and support. Our leadership team is collaborative, team oriented, has a strong moral compass and likes to have fun! We are passionate about helping franchisees achieve success. We encourage you to view our website, BLOG, reviews, social media and pricing and set up a meeting to meet the founder, so you can get a sense of the leadership vibe and culture of Organic Bronze Bar.

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