A seamless, natural spray tan is a must have, especially in the summer months for bikini season. Finding that natural healthy glow can be a challenge and everyone has a very unique and specific skin tone to accommodate. It is important to find a bronze blend that both aligns with and compliments your skin tone.

The Perfect Look For Any Skin Tone

For whatever event or activity, you can be ready with the perfect glow. Whether you are looking for a deep bronze to stand out under bright lights, or just a light sun-kissed look for a summer wedding, Organic Bronze Bar will make sure you’re ready for your summer in Boise.

Skin tones are as unique as the people who are trying to tan. The right tone can mean everything when it comes to looking natural. Just pick a color tone and a custom solution will be prepared for your skin and applied by hand. No need for any worries about machine application. Hand applied airbrushing will smooth out and highlight areas in any way desired.

Depending on how light or dark your skin tone is, tanning can make certain flaws more prominent. However, a hand airbrushed tan allows for careful attention to detail to avoid flaws on even the lightest skin. With over 50 ingredients that promote skin health and anti-aging, these solutions give you a perfect bronze while also nourishing and protecting your skin.

Different skin tones can also benefit from different application approaches such as focusing on certain areas, shading techniques, and how the tan is layered in application. By using a hand applied airbrushed tan from a skilled and certified tanning expert you can be assured that the unique type and tone of your skin will be carefully considered.

Organic And Natural Solutions

Your skin is such an important part of your body and it can be incredibly sensitive. With an organic bronze spray tan you can save your skin from harmful UV rays as well as hazardous chemicals and unnatural ingredients. These all natural sprays can be mixed to specifically fit your skin tone and the desired appearance you’re looking for. The result is a custom mixed organic solution to match any tone you choose.

Solutions are prepared to prep your skin and to hydrate and strengthen your skin before and after application. Tanning formulas are created with all natural ingredients that offer a beautiful tan without the potential health risks of UV tanning and non-organic spray tanners.

You can rest assured that Organic Bronze Bar solutions are gluten free, soy free, paraben free, vegan, sulfate free, and cruelty free. Easy on your skin and on the environment.

No matter what your summer looks like, your skin can look its best, and no matter your skin tone, the perfect bronze shade can be prepared for your skin.