Tigard Spray Tanning Salon

Get the Glow You Want, Any Time of Year

One of the best ways to look and feel your best is with healthy and glowing tanned skin. Lucky for you, that glow can be yours no matter what time of year it is. At Organic Bronze Bar in Tigard, we are committed to providing you with a natural-looking spray at any time. It won’t look like a natural one…because it will be better! No sitting out in the sun for hours at a time to get a spotty or uneven tan. You can get your skin looking fresh, golden, and balanced in minutes. 

A Well-Balanced Tan

When you tan in the sun, you have to turn over in regular intervals, and sometimes contort yourself or use mirror contraptions to make sure that everything gets covered. However, with a spray tan at Organic Bronze bar for residents of Tualatin, you can get full-body coverage with even color all over. 

Healthy Hydrated Skin

For your skin to be healthy, it needs to be hydrating. With sun tanning, your skin can get dried out and leave flakes on the surface. Spray tanning does the opposite. Along with a great-looking tan, our special formulas provide a boost of hydration to your skin. That way your skin can look its best as well as be healthier than it was before. 

A Perfect Tan Only Takes a Few Minutes

Not only do you want to have a great tan all year round, but you might also want a tan when there’s a big event coming up, like a wedding or a big date. With sun tanning, you need to find time to lie out so that you can look how you want for the important day. With spray tanning, you can get it done on your way home from work in Portland, or between errands on the weekend. You can feel confident and look your best in no time at all with Organic Bronze Bar in Tigard. 

UV-Free Tanning

One of the attractions about tanning in the sun is the opportunity to relax. While that is definitely a benefit, the problem is that your relaxation could come with a devastating cost. The UV rays from the sun can cause serious damage to your skin. Your skin will age faster and you will suffer from dangerous conditions such as skin cancer. Organic Bronze Bar provides a safe and UV-free tan for customers in Tigard, Tualatin, Portland, and the surrounding area. 

A Shade for Everyone

Many people worry that a spray tan will look unnatural. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Our specially manufactured formulas come in a wide range of tones and shades, so you are certain to find one that works for you. Your tan will look natural since it will align so closely with your actual skin tone. Nobody will know the difference. 

Organic Tanning

Our name says it all. At Organic Bronze Bar, we believe in the health of not just the skin, but the whole body, too. Our tanning solutions are made using non-toxic and organic ingredients. Tanning solutions could possibly contain harsh chemicals that will damage your skin and affect your health as they are absorbed. By choosing Organic Bronze Bar, you have no such worries. You will look your best, feel your best, and BE your best with us. 

Responsible Tanning

The health of your skin, the health of your body, and the health of our planet and community are always the focus of everything that we do. Every product that we sell to our Tualatin customers is eco-friendly to protect our valuable planet. Because we care about our clients, we have gluten-free and vegan options to accommodate specific lifestyles. Our products are never tested on animals, and are paraben-free too. You can feel confident that your great tan is also great for the environment and the world around you, from Portland and beyond. 

PH Preparation Spray

Sometimes your tan can be ruined by dirt, oil, and debris on your skin. These substances are completely normal, but they can affect how well the spray tan adheres to your skin. Organic Bronze Bar offers a PH preparation spray that will rinse away anything that might harm your tan and leave your skin cleaner, healthier, and more vibrant. 


Do you want your skin to look its best no matter what time of year it is? You can get a great tan in minutes without exposing yourself to harmful UV rays. Call us today (503) 372-5600 or click here to schedule your next amazing looking tan today.