Portland Spray Tanning Salon

Get a Great Tan All Year Round

Having a great tan is about more than just looks. It’s about confidence and rejuvenation. Luckily for you, you don’t have to wait until the summer to enjoy the look and feel of golden skin. At the Organic Bronze Bar in Portland, we can make your skin look fresh and glowing any time of year. 

UV Ray-Free Tanning

Everyone likes to have the opportunity to lie out in the sun and work on a tan. The problem is that this option is not a healthy one. Skin cancer and other conditions can be triggered and caused by UV rays from the sun, meaning getting that golden glow can be dangerous. Spray tanning is a safe and effective option. There is no concern that UV rays will be causing long-term health issues with your skin, with spray tanning. We also offer toxin-free products that are made organically, so you can tan without fear. Many tanning salons offer chemical based spray tans so choosing a clean and healthy spray tan option is the way to go.

Healthy Hydrated Skin

The specialized spray tanning formula that we use at Organic Bronze Bar helps to keep your skin hydrated. Well-hydrated skin is more vibrant and healthy-looking, with no dry spots or flakey skin. Talk to one of our technicians about your options, and we can have it applied pre or post spray tanning. Our quench spray is a good option in addition to your spray tan. This clear solution has 100 anti-aging and hydrating ingredients and leaves your skin flawless! Silky nourished skin gives you that glow we all seek!

A Shade to Match Your Tone

There are many different skin tones, and Organic Bronze Bar in Portland, Oregon has one that will work for you. The dreaded orange-hue from synthetic tanning is a thing of the past, at least at OBB it is!  Our expert spray tanning technicians make sure to use the perfect tanning solution mixture that best matches your skin so that it will complement your tone and provide you with a natural-looking glow. We love to customize our solution to your skin tone, giving you that natural looking glow!

Organic Tanning

Just like you should be concerned about UV rays, you should also be concerned about the ingredients of anything you place on your body. Chemicals and other toxic substances can be absorbed into the pores, damaging your overall physical health and wellness. Our spray tanning process is organic, which minimizes the amount of unnatural and toxic materials that come into contact with your skin. Our organic spray tanning process will also protect and heal your skin to go along with your beautiful bronze. 

A Perfect Tan in No Time

It only takes a matter of minutes to have that line-free balanced tan that you are looking for. There is no need to spend hours hoping for a great tan, or waiting for lotions to do their work. Tanning can be something you do on a schedule, like with your hair or nails. Have an event coming up, like a wedding or big party? Give your skin a quick refresh with a spray tan, and hit that event with confidence that you are looking your best.

PH Balancing Prep Spray

A spray tan looks its best when the skin is ready for it. That means that it’s free of product and buildup that can naturally occur on the surface of your skin. A prep spray will rinse away everything on your skin, and provide it with PH balance to keep your skin healthy. This also helps the spray tanning solution meld with your skin and blend in to your natural tone. Along with a PH prep spray, we also offer exfoliation to get your skin as clean and clear as possible. 

Don’t Miss a Spot

Another drawback of tanning in the sun is that you have little control. If you don’t lie perfectly, then you may get lines and spots that do not get touched. With spray tanning, you will get a balanced glow all over your body or exactly where you want it. You won’t have unsightly tan lines from your clothing or angles when lying in the sun.

Spray Tanning With a Conscience

We believe in preserving the health of our clients, and our society. That’s why all of our products are manufactured with a conscience. We offer organic and vegan spray tanning solutions, as well as gluten and soy-free options. You can be sure that your health is protected with us. Not only that, but our products are never tested on animals, and are eco-friendly. We are committed to leaving this world better than we found it, and our products are a testament to that ethos. 


Ready to get your skin looking its best, no matter what the thermometer says? Call (503) 297-0200 to schedule an appointment at our Portland location near Beaverton for your healthy and vibrant glow.