Meridian – Boise Spray Tanning Salon

Get the Glow You Want, Any Time of Year

There’s nothing better than feeling confident in your own skin. Having an amazing tan is one of the best ways that you can do this. Boise’s Organic Bronze Bar in Meridian, Idaho is the place to go if you want a healthy and glowing tan that will make you feel and look your best. In a few minutes and with no inspiration to your daily routine, you can get the perfect tan. 

Get a Balanced Tan From Head to Toe

You can get a balanced tan by laying outside, but it’s hard. You have to turn over several times, use a mirror to reflect the sunlight, and hope that you don’t burn. Plus, as the sun changes, you might have to change spots completely to keep tanning. At Organic Bronze Bar, you can get a custom-made spray that will cover your entire body evenly. There will be no spots or lines, and you can feel confident that your tan looks natural and beautiful. 

Keep UV Rays Away

Another drawback to natural tanning is that you have to expose yourself to dangerous UV rays. Sure, you could put on sunscreen, but then you won’t get a tan. UV rays are closely related to skin cancer and other health issues. They also cause wrinkles and lines. Organic Bronze Bar in Meridian provides a UV ray free tan without any dangerous side effects. 

Conscientious Tanning

Along with giving our clients great tans, we at Organic Bronze Bar also want to help protect our communities and the planet. Everything we do is with the goal of making sure the earth and our clients are as healthy as possible. First, our tanning formulas are all gluten-free and vegan, so that our clients can tan safely and animals are not harmed in the process. We do not use products that are tested on animals, either. Our products are free from harsh chemicals that are hazardous to your health as well as the environment. Plus, if you have an allergy, let our technicians know so that they can offer you some alternative options. 

A Great Tan On Your Schedule

Spray tanning means that you can get the look you want on your schedule, and in no time at all. No more spending hours in the sun hoping that you can get the perfect tan. Instead, you can head to Organic Bronze Bar when it’s convenient for you. Head here after work, on your lunch, or whenever you have a few minutes to spare. Plus, you don’t have to schedule an entire day out of your life to get a tan. If you have a big date coming up and you have work or school commitments, it’s easy to fit a spray tan into your agenda. You never have to worry that you won’t be tanned for the next big event, like a wedding or a big night out on the town. 

Maximum Hydration

Getting a tan in the sun is harmful for your skin. Besides the long-term effects, in the short term you can experience rashes and flaky skin. This is because your skin will dry out as it is exposed to the heat. With spray tanning, there is no such concern, and no dried out skin. In fact, it provides the opposite with specially-formulated hydration sprays that will keep your skin healthy and looking great all at once. 

Organic Tanning

As the name would suggest, Organic Bronze Bar is committed to providing organic tanning options to your clients in Meridian and around the country. Everything we use to give you a great tan is made from safe organic ingredients. Some tanning salons are concerned only with the tan, and don’t care what you put on your body. However, the harsh chemicals used in other tanning solutions can damage your skin over time and are harmful for your health. Choose Organic Bronze Bar for a safer tanning experience for your skin and your health. 

PH Rinse

Throughout a typical day, your skin collects dirt, debris, and grease. If you are getting a spray tan, these materials can prevent the formula from adhering to your skin, potentially causing spots or a tan that doesn’t last as long as it should. At Organic Bronze Bar, we have a PH boosting rinse that will wash away everything on your skin to prepare it for the spray tan to come. The right amount of PH will protect your skin from microbes and free radicals that can harm it and lead to premature aging. 

A Shade For Everyone

Some people worry that their spray tan will look unnatural. Luckily, this is not the case. At Organic Bronze Bar, we have a wide variety of shades from which to choose. There is almost certainly one to match your skin so that your tan will not just be well-balanced, but it will also look like you were sitting outside in the sun. 


No matter what the weather is like outside or how much time you have in your busy life, you can get an amazing tan. Plus, there’s no need to worry about UV rays or even sand in your bathing suit. Contact Boise’s Organic Bronze Bar in Meridian today to schedule your next great tan.