Charlotte Spray Tanning Salon

Get a Great Tan All Year Round

For some, having a great tan makes them feel more confident and attractive. It used to be that you had to wait until the weather heated up to look and feel your best. However, the Organic Bronze Bar in Charlotte will give your skin the glow it wants no matter what the temperature is outside. 

Avoid the Harmful Effects of UV Rays

Tanning out in the sun for long hours is no longer a healthy option for most people. UV rays can cause premature aging and lead to deadly conditions like melanoma. With spray tanning, you don’t have to worry that you are damaging the long-term health of your skin and your body. All of our products are organic and toxin-free, so you can tan safely. Your skin will look and feel as naturally bronzed as it would if you laid out on a beach, but without any risk. 

A Balanced Look

Spray tanning allows you to have a healthy glow all over your body without any gaps or light spots. Your tan will be full and balanced, and you never have to worry about sock lines, shorts lines, or the dreaded ‘farmer’s tan.’ Spray tanning allows for coverage over every inch of your body. 

A Perfect Tan…in a Flash!

You can be in and out with your perfect, no-streak tan in as little as 3 minutes. No hours lying in the sun or waiting for tanning materials to set in. You can make tanning a part of getting ready for big events such as weddings, parties, date night, vacation, or just because you want to. Tanning can not only make you feel more comfortable about your appearance, but it can be rejuvenating and refreshing, too. 

Tanning Shades for Every Skin-Tone

No matter what your skin-tone, there is a spray tan shade that will work perfectly for you. No more orange hue when you are tanning. At Organic Bronze Bar in Charlotte, North Carolina, we make sure to make the tanning shade as close as possible to your skin. That way your tan will blend in and enhance your natural beauty. 


Nobody should want to put harmful chemicals all over their bodies where they can be absorbed. Organic tanning will minimize the amount of potentially toxic ingredients and protect your skin and your health from damage. Not only that, but organic spray tanning will not just make your skin look great, but it can help repair and protect your skin cells to make your glow even healthier. It can also prevent the dry skin effects that can come with other spray tanning methods. 

Skin Hydration

At Organic Bronze Bar, we offer a specialized formula that locks in moisture to keep your skin hydrated and vibrant. No flakes, no dry skin. You can choose to have this moisture application before or after your spray tan. It will heal and protect. It’s like giving your skin a big refreshing glass of water. 

PH Balancing Prep Spray

A prep spray is a good option for those who want to make sure that their skin is free of debris and buildup. The spray provides extra PH to your skin to provide the balance it needs, and rinses away anything that might affect getting a smooth tan. It helps the tanning solution adhere to the skin, and prevents beading. Along with manual exfoliation, a PH prep spray is the best way to prepare your skin for the best tan possible. 

Spray Tanning With a Conscience

We believe that our products should be as gentle on the environment, our society, and our clients as possible. That’s why we offer spray tanning solutions that are organic, vegan, soy-free, gluten-free, and that have not been tested on animals. You live your life according to your social conscience, and we want to be a positive force for a better world. Spray tanning at Organic Bronze Bar is not only good for your looks and your skin, but it’s good for your soul, too. 


Ready to get your skin looking its best, no matter what the thermometer says? Call (980) 498-0008 to schedule an appointment for your healthy and vibrant glow. 

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