Camas Spray Tanning Salon

You Don’t Need the Sun for a Perfect Bronze Glow

A truly great tan doesn’t just give you an attractive glow. It also makes you feel more confident and rejuvenated, and gives your skin a much needed refresh. In the past, you had to wait until summer, and then find the time to get that look and feeling. That’s not the case anymore, and Organic Bronze Bar in Camas, Washington is upgrading the spray-tanning experience no matter what season it is. 

Customized Spray Tanning

Are you worried that a spray tan will look unnatural with your skin tone? Well worry no further. At Organic Bronze Bar near Vancouver, we offer a wide range of shades to ensure that your tan melds with your natural skin tone perfectly. You can go back to work and school on Monday looking exactly like you were at the beach all weekend, even if it’s been cloudy for days. 

No Harmful UV Rays

A lot of people like to lie in the sun for hours on end to get a tan. They find it relaxing and refreshing. While that may be the case, it can also be very dangerous. UV rays from the sun can permanently damage your skin and lead to serious health issues, such as skin cancer. When you spray tan at Organic Bronze Bar, you will not be exposed to UV rays as you would laying out in the sun. Your skin will be protected in both the short-term and the long-term, and you will be healthier for it. Plus, all of our tanning products are organic and non-toxic, so you can tan with confidence. 

Perfect Tanning in a Flash

Your time is precious, and getting tanned used to take up a lot of a day to do it right. However, at Organic Bronze Bar in Camas, you get a perfect, natural-looking tan in minutes. Stop by on your way home from work, or after you grab a cup of coffee on the weekend. Are you running out of time before a big event where you want to look your best? Come to OBB in Vancouver and get the refreshing glow you need to look and feel confident and strong. 

Organic Tanning

UV rays are the primary health concern when it comes to tanning in the sun. There are several other possible hazards that can be harmful to your skin and your body as well. You never want to place something on your skin that will be absorbed and cause damage. Synthetic tanning products have traditionally been made with chemicals and other ingredients that can be harmful to your health. At Organic Bronze Bar, we only offer toxin-free, organic products. They are not only gentle on your skin, but pamper it to help it be as healthy as it can be. 

Skin Hydration

Your skin must be well-hydrated to be healthy. When you sit outside to tan, or use synthetic tanning products, your skin can get dried out and flaky. However, with the tanning solutions at Organic Bronze Bar near Vancouver your skin will be better hydrated, leaving it glowing and vibrant. Your skin will feel natural, smooth, and buoyant. Talk to an expert technician to see what hydrating options you can receive. 

Full Tanning Coverage

You might think that a tan from the sun will look the best for you because it will look more “natural.” However, beyond the options for shades that you can have applied, everything has to go right for a sun tan to look perfect. You need consistent sunlight, for starters. Plus you need to roll over and move your body around to make sure that everywhere on your body gets hit with the sun. With spray-tanning, you don’t have to worry about lines and spots. No more watch tans or sock lines. A spray tan will make sure that every inch of your body that you want tanned will get tanned. 

Responsible Tanning

Organic Bronze Bar is about more than just giving our clients great tans. We want them to be the healthiest they can be, and the society around us can be as well. All of our products are organic and vegan, so no animals are harmed in the process of manufacturing them. Many of our clients have sensitivities and allergies, which is why we offer gluten-free and soy-free options to avoid reactions and protect client health. Because of how our products are made, they are safe for the environment and for our local ecosystem. 

PH Preparation Spray

During any given day, your skin will collect dirt, oil, and debris. These substances can make your skin look tired and older, and they also prevent the tanning spray from adhering to your skin. With our PH preparation spray, your skin can be flushed free of debris, leaving an empty canvas for our technicians to work. Your skin will look its best, and last longer. 


Ready to get your skin looking its best, no matter what the thermometer says? Call or click to schedule an appointment for your healthy and vibrant glow. Our Camas location conveniently sits on the East border of Vancouver, WA.