We heard a rumor. We heard that people are saying it’s time to ditch a regular tanning routine, just because it’s winter.

We’re here to set the record straight on that. 

Who says that tanning is only good in the summer, or that a bronze glow is best used on vacation (or for pretending you were just on vacation)? Why is pale suddenly your primary option once the holiday season hits?

We’ve got news for you — it’s not.

The glow you get with us at Organic Bronze Bar is all about confidence (and providing a safe alternative to being out in the sun or going to a tanning bed, of course). It gives you a much-needed boost to venture out of your comfort zone, to work the room when you would otherwise hang out in the corner, to jump out of bed in the morning ready to see what you can accomplish before the end of the day. And is there ever a time when you need this confidence on your side more than during the holiday season?

Before you decide to take a break from tanning until the end of the year, consider the below. If these arguments for staying glowy through the holidays aren’t convincing you yet, then just remember this: you’re worth it.

You’ll feel like the hostess with the mostest. You may already be known for your flawless holiday decorations or for your ability to serve up a delicious turkey and hundreds of cookies without breaking a sweat. But don’t you want to turn heads when you welcome people into your home, too? Of course you do! You owe it to yourself to feel your best when hosting a holiday dinner or shindig, and getting a tan is an easy, healthy way to help you get there.

You’ll feel extra sparkly in your holiday outfits. Between festive office happy hours and family gatherings, you have plenty of outfits to choose events for between now and Jan. 1. No one wants to feel blah in the dressing room. Why should you? Maintaining your glow throughout the holidays will make you more excited about the prospect of treating yourself to a new ensemble (or three — you deserve it!) and will boost your confidence no matter what you’re wearing.

You’ll feel sassier under the mistletoe. If you’re anything like us, you’re going to spend a lot of time this holiday season trying to stretch yourself as thin as possible so you can enjoy QT with all of your friends and family. Time with your most special someone — AKA your significant other — may be limited, and we know you want to maximize what little you do have by feeling your very best. Who says you have to feel drab and icky just because it’s winter? Turn the charm on with your partner with a little extra bronze.

You’ll put your best foot forward with all of your loved ones. Confidence is key, and you need everything on your side when you’re preparing to join your family for a holiday dinner or — eek! — meeting your S.O.’s loved ones for the first time during this exciting season. Stack the odds in your favor with a tan on your skin. You’ll be prepared to tackle family drama with a big smile.

You’ll be ready to take on the new year. With your self-esteem boosted, you’re going to start 2019 with big goals and a take-no-prisoners attitude. Don’t kick off the new year as a wallflower. Get glowy and get goin’!

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Featured image: freestocks.org/Unsplash; lights image: freestocks.org/Unsplash