A well applied spray tan can be game changing for swimsuit season or just for any event where you are showing off a little skin. Whether you’re in sunny Roseburg Oregon this summer, or on the water in Camas Washington, a well applied natural spray tan can help your skin look vibrant, healthy, and sunkissed.

That being said, a lot goes into a spray tan looking natural and complimentary to your skin. Not only is it crucially important to have the right blend of natural and nourishing ingredients, but it is also of key importance to apply the tanner in a way that looks as smooth and natural as possible. Tanning flaws can stand out on anyone, but if you have a lighter skin tone, the margin for error is quite small.

Hand Applied VS Machine Spray Tanning

There is simply no replacement for the human touch in this case. Machine applied spray tanning can seem convenient, but it is really a corner that shouldn’t be cut. Tanning applications can be complex and nuanced and needs can vary drastically demanding on the person. Everyone has a different skin tone and everyone has a unique body. Different areas can be highlighted and blended differently to fit how your body works.

With hand applied airbrushing, a certified and trained technician will work with you to understand your skin and your body. Shading can help accentuate and hide certain areas of your body  in a way that offers a level of customization that just isn’t possible with a machine application. The way light and shadow show up on your skin depends on your specific body and skin types. A tanning tech can identify places that should be focused on for the best results. Certain areas like under the chin and under the arms can sometimes be neglected by an automated spray tan application service. With a mechanical spray tan some areas are just impossible to get the attention they deserve, and blending and shading options are virtually non-existent compared to a hands on airbrushing.

Quality Assurance With A Hands On Technician

One huge benefit of a hand applied spray tan, is that all of the equipment is being monitored while in use and inspected directly throughout. Machines need maintenance and the more machinery involved, the greater risk of error. When it comes to tanning, a momentary slip up can have dramatic results. With a trained and certified tanning technician there is always someone overseeing the process as it happens, so any adjustments can be made as necessary to make sure your tan is smooth and seamless.

Custom colors can be blended to fit any skin tone and the tanner will be applied accordingly to suit your skin type. Lighter and darker skin tones can benefit from slightly different application processes depending on your tone.

Shading and application can make or break a quality organic spray tan, so working with a skilled tanning expert can help reassure you that you’ll get a desired result.