Whether you’re already a loyal customer of Organic Bronze Bar and are just now stumbling across our revamped blog (awesome, right?) or are completely new to our tribe, we want to give you a big, huge welcome. If we could give you a hug right now, we totally would! (Stop by any one of our locations any time so we can make good on that promise.)

In the meantime, we want to tell you a little more about us. (Trust us… when you stop in for that hug, we’ll want to learn all about you, too.)

Yes, we’re a tanning company. But we’re a lot more than that. We’re a community of forward thinkers who want to give you the tools you need to look sun-kissed while actively preventing skin cancer and sun damage. We want to help you take care of you (because, yes, that’s important). We want to be a friendly face in your all-too-busy life who can help you navigate this health and beauty space, just like your favorite real-life pals guide you through love and parenting and the rest of life’s crazy stuff.

Keep scrolling to learn more about the things that we’re passionate about. We’re so much bigger than a good tan.

But, yes, we can also give you a really, really good tan.

Doing things differently.

We didn’t develop the country’s very first healthy alternative to UV tanning and chemical spray tans because we like to go with the flow. Definitely not. We looked around and saw a need for a community that would empower its members to feel their best without risking their health… and we stopped waiting for that community to magically appear and built it ourselves by daring to take a new approach.

Setting people up for a long life of fun + adventure.

We love exploring nature. We love drinking wine with our friends. We love traveling and being with our families. We love it all, and we want to do whatever we can to make sure that we’re around to enjoy it for as long as possible. By rethinking tanning to minimize skin cancer, we hope to give our community many more years to indulge their passions and love on their people.

Helping you feel confident.

Beauty obviously comes from within, but we’re the first to admit that it feels pretty good to look good, too! (And if that’s wrong, we don’t want to be right.) At Organic Bronze Bar, there’s no shame in seeking that extra sexy glow so you can feel — and be — your best. If we can help you find that glow safely, then our job here is done. Confidence counts!

Nurturing our bodies + relationships.

Owners Danielle and Stacie are lifelong friends who have built their business on helping others take good care of themselves. We don’t take that responsibility lightly, and in the spirit of their friendship, we don’t take our relationships lightly, either! When you become a part of the Organic Bronze Bar family, we’ve got your back, and we’re going to make it our personal mission to make your life feel a little sunnier (without the harmful UV rays, of course!).

Paying the good vibes forward.

Over the years, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to get the glow in a healthy way. We’re proud of what we’ve learned and how it’s set us up to do tanning right, but we’re not going to keep all this intel a secret. Our goal? To spread the word on skin safety so that more people can look and feel good. Why wouldn’t we want to share the love?

Are you new to our community, or have we met before? Either way, say hello! Introduce yourself on Facebook + Twitter!