The decorations have come down. Your house suddenly feels quieter. There are a few empty bottles of champagne sitting on your kitchen counter (and maybe some leftover confetti, too), but other than that, there’s barely any sign of the holiday season or your New Year’s Eve celebrations ever happening. Isn’t it funny how quickly it’s all over?

With the festivities behind you, you’re now left to go back to work — ew — and to look ahead to the new year that’s just begun. Twelve whole months of wide open possibilities. Twelve whole months to be the best ever version of you. Twelve whole months to glow.

We’ve already shared some of our tips for setting the kinds of New Year’s resolutions that will help with that whole glowing thing, but if you’re looking for more specific inspiration as you begin setting goals for 2019, we’ve got you covered. Keep scrolling to read more about the resolutions that our very own OBB team members are making for the new year. We promise we won’t even be mad if you decide to borrow them!

“Discover new ways to inspire and serve others.” — Danielle

“I plan on keeping it simple and attainable this year by getting more sleep, drinking more water, reading more, exploring more, and relaxing more. 2019 is the year of self care!” — Makayla

“Learn from yesterday and live for today.” — Kristee

“Create a vision board for the year and follow through on it! Write down one positive thing that happened every week, then store them all in a jar and read them in 2020.” — Shandra

“Be more open-minded and challenge myself to try new things.” — Lily

“I’ll be making monthly resolutions, so I have the ability to stay focused and make changes throughout the year. Self care is always on top of the list.” — Desiree

“Every day is a new beginning! Let go of the day before.” — Kim

“Make it my bravest year yet. Lead heart to mind with no fear.” — Kylee

“Make taking care of me a priority! Trying new ways to exercise (like snow shoeing!) and drinking lots of water are at the top of the list.” — Stacie

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Featured image: Brigitte Tohm/Unsplash; Smiling image: Matheus Frade/Unsplash