The first all-natural spray-tan product is making its way to Fort Mill SC and the surrounding area! Organic Bronze Bar brings a new option to get the sun-kissed skin that makes you feel great no matter what the weather is outside. Our spray tan formula has been a massive hit at locations all over the country, with its paraben-free and organic composition. Come visit us at 506 Mercantile Place #107 in Fort Mill for your first appointment and find out what you’ve been missing from your tanning experience. 

Organic Bronze Bar isn’t just about making you look and feel your best. That is definitely a big part of what we do, but we offer so much more. We provide a safe, toxin-free tanning experience with natural ingredients, including coconut oil, Echinacea extract, antioxidants, seaweed extract, and pure botanicals. With these ingredients, along with your bronze skin, you get anti-aging properties, skin hydration, and overall wellness. 

The staff at Organic Bronze Bar is focused on one thing: providing you with the perfect tanning solution for your skin tone. Whether it’s dark, light, or anything in between, they will make sure that your tan looks beautiful and natural as if you sat out in the sun yourself. The best part is that your spray tan will not only look natural, but it will blend perfectly with untreated sections of the skin and have fewer lines and missed spots. 

Every application that you get at Organic Bronze Bar is handled by an airbrush tanning professional. They ensure that every inch of the areas you want treated are covered evenly and completely. There is no need to worry that an outdated spray booth that is not customized for each client will give you an uneven and discolored tan. It will be perfectly matched to your skin and provide full coverage every time. 

At Organic Bronze Bar, we believe that this skin is a window to your overall health. That’s why we are so committed to fighting skin cancer. We offer safe and small-batch goodness products, but also provide education about UV exposure and the importance of protecting your skin. A portion of all of our revenue goes towards fighting skin cancer through research and awareness. 

Come check out Organic Bronze Bar in Fort Mill. You will love your new clean-crafted formula and responsible tanning option.