If you’re kinda lucky, you like your co-workers. You’re happy to make small talk with them over lunch or even to invite them to the occasional after-work happy hour. Everyone has a great sense of humor and you only get annoyed with them every once in a while.

If you’re really lucky, you might even say that you love your co-workers. You count your colleagues among some of your best friends. You’re just as likely to call them for advice on your love life as you are to check in about a work-related assignment. You’re way past happy hours, too — your work pals are invited to all of your parties and events.

If you’re #blessed (which we at OBB totally are), you’re so obsessed with the people you work with that you want the whole world to meet them. You want to shine a spotlight on who they really are so others can fall just as much in love with them as you are.

We’re so #blessed that we want you to meet and greet another of our awesome team members — Desiree Allison. Keep scrolling to learn more about our girl Des!

What is your number-one favorite thing about being part of the OBB team?

I love everyone I work with, from the owners Danielle and Stacie to my fellow techs. We’re not just co-workers — we’re friends! I like coming to work knowing that I am going to be hanging out with people I genuinely love and care about.

What makes you glow from the inside out?

Like, besides wine? JK! Being surrounded by fun, energetic, and loving friends gets me all glowy. I feel really lucky in that department. I’m surrounded by truly amazing people and that makes me smile.

What’s your secret for boosting confidence?

It’s no secret — having a tan boosts my confidence! I feel alive and healthy when I have color in my skin… and knowing that it’s all natural, organic, and healthy for me makes it guilt-free (even better!).

What’s your favorite thing about a tan?

Besides the confidence boost? : ) I’m a huge fan of the fact that it allows me to be a little lazy, because it makes getting ready much easier. With a tan, I don’t feel like I need makeup. Combine that with our eye love (lash and brow tinting), and all I need before I go is a little lip gloss!

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