You already know that we can offer you an amazing — and, most importantly, safe — alternative to UV and outdoor tanning.

But what you might not know is that we’re also a community of passionate, fun-loving individuals who are totally obsessed with our mission to make people feel their best.

Every few weeks here on the blog, we’ll be featuring a Meet + Greet with one of our fantastic Organic Bronze Bar team members so you can learn more about the heart and personality behind what we do. Today, though, you get double the fun… because we’re kicking off the Meet + Greet series with a friendly introduction to our two incredible owners Danielle Van Auken and Stacie Hartman. These two lifelong pals are the best they come, and we’re so psyched for you to get to know them better.

What is your number-one favorite thing about being part of the OBB team?

DANIELLE: Everyone who is involved in our OBB community has a common love for what we do and what we offer. Being the healthy alternative to tanning is something that clients, staff, and owners can all be proud of. We have such enthusiasm and love rallying together… and that’s what makes this brand glow! We’re a group of kind-hearted people who love to have fun, and we are always making each other smile and laugh. I love our clients and all the OBB peeps I get to work with.

STACIE: We provide a service that makes people feel beautiful without causing them any harm! It seems like such a simple thing, but to watch our clients leave the studio with a smile and a new level of confidence is so rewarding. I leave the studio with that smile and confidence, too! It’s icing on the cake that what we do is also good for your skin.

What makes you glow from the inside out?

DANIELLE: My family and the people who surround me in my everyday life. Having a supportive, loving family is one of the greatest gifts one could have, and having good friends, business teams — even pets! — goes along with that, too. I am blessed to have so many amazing people in my life. I truly measure success based on the family we have or build and on the strong friendships and relationships that enhance our quality of life.

STACIE: Framily! I feel incredibly blessed to have such an amazing group of friends and family in my life. Spending time with strong, beautiful women fills me with joy. And nothing looks better than happy!

What’s your secret for boosting confidence?

DANIELLE: I can always find something beautiful about another person. I love to share what I think and give them a compliment. For some people, this is the only positive feedback they get! It’s my pleasure to point out something good about them.

STACIE: If I need a lift in confidence before a meeting or before taking on something new, I list three successes that started with nerves, but turned out amazing! It’s easy to forget our little victories in life. A quick reminder that things will — and do — go your way is priceless.

What’s one thing that people would never guess about you?

DANIELLE: I’m a nature freak! Camping, fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking, and working in my garden all give me a great sense of calm and help me keep an important balance in my life. I love trees, so you will often hear me saying, “Look at that tree! It’s so pretty!” I guess I’m kind of a geek for nature. One of my favorite things to do is go horseback riding with my daughter. We board our horses at a stable that has 350 acres of property to ride on. My favorite parts are the wooded areas!

STACIE: Most people would think I’m 100 percent extroverted… but I’m really closer to 60 percent extroverted and 40 percent introverted. As much as I am a people person and love social activities, I definitely need down time to recharge the batteries. I can spend hours in a quiet space just reading a good book!

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