It takes a discerning eye to see through all of the gimmicks, tricks, and illusions in the modern world. With an abundance of advertisements, targeted marketing campaigns, and promotional materials flying by at every point in the day, it’s easy to get swept up and carried away with empty promises from disingenuous brands. 

We know that you strive to see beyond this, that you strive for what’s real, what’s authentic, and what’s truly helpful to your health, your wellness, and your well-being. We know that you vote with your dollar, you make choices to compliment your lifestyle, and you care about what you put into (and onto) your body. 

Despite the name, the world of fake tanning comes from a genuinely thoughtful place. If you’ve ever heard the phrase: “70% of feeling good is looking good”, then you know how important it is to not only look your best, but also feel fantastic about what goes into putting it together. You wouldn’t want to put together a killer outfit at the cost of your health, would you? Fake tanning aligns your interests so that you can look the way that you want, and feel the way that you should. 

In the world of digital receipts, diligent recycling efforts, and healthy, organic eating at every street corner, every aspect of life is pushing for progress while doing away with destructive practices. There’s no reason why you should compromise your health and safety for an inferior UV tan. Organic Bronze Bar embodies the modern lifestyle that you live, offering you a healthy alternative to UV tanning without harmful and toxic chemicals. 

Organic, Paraben-Free, Soy-Free, Vegan, Gluten-Free, and Animal-Cruelty-Free Testing are all terms that exhibit thoughtful, empathic practices – and they are all terms that are clearly represented in the fake-tanning practices at Organic Bronze Bar for airbrush tanning services

By opting for a natural air-brush tan, you are able to contribute to the well-being of your mind, health, and body while sending a positive message out into the world. Be a representative for a movement of positivity, and broadcast your everyday glow with pride in the following ways:

  • Optimal Health Benefits. By taking steps to avoid UV tanning and the trouble that can come of it, you’ll be able to swap out skin damage for skin nourishment. With a unique formula containing over 88 anti-aging and hydrating ingredients, you’ll be able to feel the difference while you relish in your natural glow. 
  • Long Lasting for Long, Happy Living. Optimal pH balancing, exfoliation, and skin hydration are par the course for the natural air-brush “fake tanning” method, and you’ll be able to enjoy these lovely treatments every time that you stop in. Nourish your skin by giving it exactly what it needs – a simple, straightforward mantra that you’ll be able to apply to your everyday life. 
  • Go Natural by Going Fake. You wouldn’t stare directly at the sun for hours on end, would you? (We sure hope not!) Why would you deliberately do that to your skin? The fake tan at Organic Bronze Bar yields real results that you can feel – without any of the damage from traditional tanning methods. 
  • Spread the Word! You’re bound to get compliments on your lovely fake tan. It’s simply a part of the process. Be a catalyst for change and help others not only look their best, but feel their best by making decisions that truly benefit their lives. 

Making positive changes to your life can have a chain-reaction effect, helping you make the best out of every opportunity and continually striving for growth. 

The word “Fake” doesn’t always need to have a negative connotation. By updating your tanning technique and upgrading your lifestyle with a natural bronze that truly treats your skin the way that it deserves, you can be a true vehicle for change for yourself, and those around you.


OBB offers a warm environment where you will be comfortable getting your healthy organic fake tan. Visit our tanning salon near Bridgeport in Oregon for the best spray tan you’ve ever had. All of our airbrush tans are applied by a professional spray artist. Or if you happen to be in Charlotte NC, we happen to have a couple of beautiful tanning salons there too. The newest addition to the family is in SouthPark neighborhood which is surrounded by the Beverly Woods, Barclay Downs, and Mountainbrook neighborhoods. Please come down and say hi and get your spray tan in South Charlotte.