It feels like the whole world is finally seeing the value of living more sustainably. And we are here for it. All the praise hand emojis for loving Mother Earth and actually doing something about it.

From the beginning, we’ve been loving on the environment, making it a priority to ensure that all of the ingredients in our one-of-a-kind formula are vegan, organic, and not tested on animals. It contains things like seaweed extract (a skin tightener and wrinkle-reducer!), goji berry extract (it limits UV damage!), gotu kola extract (reduces scars and stretch marks!), and more, so it’s basically, like, an homage to the planet.

Recently, we took another step toward sustainability. As you’ll know if you’ve visited one of our locations, when you tan with us, you’re provided with a handy shower cap so that our all-natural formula doesn’t find its way into your hair. After all, its deep conditioning benefits feel great, but if you’re running to a big night out, we don’t blame you for wanting to keep dry! This summer, we transitioned away from disposable shower caps and switched to a washable alternative! It’s less plastic waste, which makes for cleaner, safer land and oceans. As you also know if you’ve been to one of our locations, we love stocking the amazing Epicuren Tropical Lave Body wash, which is made with pure plant extracts and essential oils, smells great, and preserves your tan because of its natural ingredients! Awesome, planet-friendly products like this exist if you know where to look (wink, wink).

We know you want to join us in our mission to be kinder to the Earth, and your beauty routine is a great place to start. Here are some ideas…

1. Down with cotton pads + wipes. Swap out disposable cotton pads and makeup wipes in favor of washable towels. Pick up a stack of cheap white towels at your local Target, then cut them into small squares so you can use them to take off your nail polish and eye makeup.

2. Minimize plastic. It might not be feasible for you to eliminate all plastic containers from your inventory, but you can take baby steps by doing away with body wash and hand soap with a pump and instead picking up bar soap. There are so many awesome small businesses out there producing organic soaps with soothing ingredients and beautiful smells. Give them your support!

3. Let your pantry play double duty. Many of the staples you keep in your kitchen at all times can actually be used in your beauty routine, which will save you money and unnecessary packaging. Baking soda works well for teeth whitening and can exfoliate as part of a natural face mask. And coconut oil has tons of benefits for your hair and skin!

4. Say goodbye to disposable razors. We’ve kicked our disposable shower caps to the curb, and you can do the same with those plastic, throwaway razors accumulating on the ledge of your shower. A stainless steel safety razor is a much more sustainable choice, and it serves the same purpose (even if you can’t find it in a variety of pastels).

5. Pay attention to labels. According to Poethique, there are a few items on an ingredient label that should raise a sustainability red flag. Phthalates, mercury, toluene, lead, formaldehyde, petroleum distillates, parabens, and BHA are toxic chemicals that are bad for your health and the environment. Being a savvier consumer of health and beauty products starts with learning to read a label.

6. Aim for less waste. If you’re not ready to give up your cotton pads and makeup wipes, you can still chip away at your personal footprint by using a single pad or wipe at a time. Over time, a small adjustment like this can really add up, and in the long run, you’ll produce a lot less trash.

7. Research companies and manufacturers. “Clean beauty” is totes trendy these days, but not all so-called “clean beauty” is created equal. Before you commit to a new skin care line or cosmetics collection, do a little digging online to find out if the company or manufacturer in question shares your love for protecting the environment. That information is out there if you’re willing to look.

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Featured image: Erik Lucatero/Unsplash; Makeup image: Raphael Lovaski/Unsplash