A good glow is one of the best possible boosts to your self-confidence, but we get it — true self-love and confidence has to come from within. We’ve totally got your back if you need a tan to help you fake it ’til you make it in the outside world, but we also want to remind you to step back when you have a moment and make sure that you’re feeling the glow inside that beautiful self. Yes, self-love is easier said than done, but you deserve to make it a priority.

Keep scrolling to learn more about six easy ways to start cultivating self-love in your own life. Next time you check out your perfectly bronzed reflection in the mirror, you’ll be just as psyched about what you know is on the inside as what you see on the outside. Cheesy? Cool. We’re owning it.

1. Be kind to your body. Loving on your body takes many forms, depending on the person and the day. It may mean prioritizing exercise, researching healthy twists on your favorite indulgences, and stretching every morning. It may also mean treating yourself to an Oreo (or four) or an ice cream sundae because your body just feels like it needs it. Celebrate balance and don’t be afraid to listen to what your bod is craving. Feeling healthy and comfortable in your own skin is a great first step toward self-love.

2. Build a loving community. It’s a lot easier to be kind to yourself when you’re surrounded by others who are kind to you. Find your tribe among friends, colleagues, or even here at OBB! Having people in your orbit who consistently build you up and wouldn’t dream of tearing you down is key in your ongoing self-love journey. It may even be time to set boundaries with those who have proven themselves obstacles to feeling good about yourself. Start with social media! Those “Unfollow” and “Block” buttons exist for a reason… and your network can look however you choose.

3. Lean into what you love. Make a list of all of the activities that make you happy. No hobby is too small and there’s no judgement here! (Yes, watching reality TV and enjoying down time with your puppy in bed do, in fact, count.) Hang this list somewhere that’s hard for you to miss, then take steps to actively incorporate those activities into your daily routine. You’ll find yourself stepping up your self-care game, feeling happier overall, and more easily embracing who you are, even in all of your embarrassing pastime glory.

4. Practice following your gut. Stop stressing out about every last decision that comes up throughout your day. You don’t need to consult Google or your BFF about every choice. Instead, listen to your instincts! Over time, you’ll find that your gut rarely leads you astray, which will inspire you to trust and love yourself that much more.

5. Stop playing the comparison game. If you find yourself regularly questioning your own self-worth because of outside influences or opinions, you’ve got a problem, and it’s one that’s easily within your reach to solve if you’re willing to reconsider your relationship with social media. Are there feeds that leave you feeling less than fabulous about your body, your social life, your clothes, your friends, or, well, anything else? Who needs that? Take stock of who you follow or — better yet — challenge yourself to a temporary social media freeze. You can always come back when you’re ready to embrace it from a place of self-love!

6. Anticipate obstacles to your own self-love. Break out that pen and paper because you’re about to make another list. Jot down all of the things that you often find getting in the way of unconditional self-love. What kinds of words trigger you to feel less than your best? What situations consistently bring you down? What self-deprecating jokes are you in the habit of making? Confronting these items will make it easier for you to avoid them going forward. You can start minimizing the use of negative words, avoiding situations with bad vibes, and being a little too hard on yourself.

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Featured image: Brooke Cagle/Unsplash; Sign image: Tim Mossholder/Unsplash