There’s a lot to love about the Internet. Well, obviously.

There’s the ease with which we can keep in touch with friends and family. The up-to-the-minute updates on all things news and pop culture. The convenient access to travel and outfit inspo and to cool ways to spice up a wedding or bachelorette party. And all those adorable animal videos? Don’t even get us started.

One thing that’s not so great about the crazy wide digital universe is the sense of information overwhelm that comes pretty much any time you try to investigate something online. With one-click access to so much knowledge, it’s easy to feel like you’re trapped in the middle of the ultimate case of too many cooks in the kitchen. How can you possibly know who to trust when you do a search for information on your health, for example?

We like to think that we’ve earned your trust — and we’ll never stop working on that! — and with that in mind, we’ve asked around the OBB team for some healthy living hacks that will have you looking and feeling your best. Scroll down for a few ideas!

1. Establish a healthy morning routine.

Co-owner Danielle Van Auken is committed to a yoga practice first thing every morning, a ritual she says resets her mind and body for a new day. “I believe you must let the prior day go and start fresh,” she says. If yoga does this for you, then grab your mat the second you get out of bed and hit that downward-facing dog! If yoga’s not your thing, establish some other consistent morning practices that will set you up to feel your best all day long.

2. Set monthly resolutions.

It’s great to set your mind to some big goals on New Year’s Eve, but January 1 is hardly the deadline for establishing your priorities and intentions. Desiree Allison, who manages our Bridgeport location, swears by the process of making resolutions at the beginning of every month — think running five days each week or drinking a certain amount of water or knocking out push-ups every night before bed — because it actually makes her goals feel attainable. With her monthly resolutions in mind, Desiree puts in a few minutes of planning every Sunday, during which she looks at her schedule for the days ahead and commits chunks of free time to getting them done.

3. Drink sparkling water.

We all know that we’re supposed to stay hydrated, but actually remembering to carry that water bottle, refill it, and drink enough to hit that eight-glasses-a-day requirement? Much more challenging than it seems. Trick yourself by adding a little sparkle… literally. Danielle cops to drinking about half a case of sparkling water each and every day. It has no sugar, calories, or sodium, but it’s heavy on flavor and a little sassier than your basic tap water.

4. Get a hydroflask.

Whether you’re a fan of water with or without the sparkle, Jordi recommends that you get your hands on a hydroflask that’s easy to carry with you everywhere. A good water bottle will keep your beverage cold for hours, which will make you more likely to take a sip of it. Get one in a fun color or design so it doubles as an accessory!

5. Ditch the drama.

Prioritizing your health is about more than just taking good care of your body. You also need to make sure that your heart, soul, and mind are in fightin’ shape! How does Danielle do this? “I limit the time I spend with people who are drama and energy suckers,” she says. “I make sure I do not give too much of my energy away and instead save it for fulfilling interactions with the people I most cherish and who give and receive healthy communication. A healthy mindset will allow you to achieve all the other things you are trying to create results in.”

6. Use social media to your advantage.

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram take a lot of heat sometimes. The word on the street is that they’ve made us less capable of engaging with other people face-to-face and more likely to be looking down at our screens than up at the world around us. There might be something to this argument, but it seems like social media is here to stay, so why not use it to help you feel more motivated toward your health goals? “I follow a lot of healthy people on Instagram that cook really healthy foods,” Jordi says. “As I scroll down, all I see are healthy foods! That’s what I start craving.” Follow people with healthy habits and you might be more inspired to cultivate those habits yourself.

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Stretching image: Christopher Campbell/Unsplash; Ocean image: Ryan Moreno/Unsplash