We all know the feeling. Being bombarded by social media content day in and day out filled with celebrities sporting perfectly bronze, golden skin, you tend to ask yourself, “Why can’t that be me?” 

What we see and what we do to mirror what we want can be a complex, convoluted process. How do I get fitter? How do I lose weight? Why is my skin so pale? The world of tanning salons can be intimidating, to say the very least. Do you take the advice of the person inside of your cell phone who is pushing the latest product? Or do you listen to your experienced friend who books tanning salon appointments twice a month? Spray tan or tanning bed? 

There’s always a better solution – one that gets you the results that you are looking for, without compromising your health, sanity, or bank account. But before you can find the Do’s, it’s important to identify the Don’ts. Here are our top 5 reasons on why there are much better, healthier alternatives to traditional Tanning Beds. 

  • Skin Damage is a Major No-No. Traditional tanning beds emit a skin-damaging UV light that will ultimately degrade and wear out the quality of your skin. Looking leathery will never be on-trend, and avoiding an excessive amount of UV light should be a top priority when getting your glow on. 
  • UV Rays Go Hand-In-Hand With Cancer. There’s no way around it, and unfortunately, permanent damage to the skin is often detected when it is too late. A study by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) released a study in July of 2009 stating that, “The risk of melanoma of the skin increased by 75 percent when tanning bed use started before age 35”. Look before you leap, people. 
  • Just Because You Want To Fight Pale Skin Shouldn’t Mean You Don’t Want To Fight Disease. UV radiation has the potential to suppress your body’s immune system, which leaves you more susceptible to illness. Who’s going to see your awesome tan if you’re at home bundled up and nursing a flu? By weakening the natural defenses of your skin, you allow potentially deadly diseases to enter your body. Remember our 2nd point about cancer? 
  • Hate sunburns? We Thought You Might. Technically speaking, a tan is a natural reaction from your skin that acts to defend itself from the UV rays present in tanning beds. It defends you by producing melanin, a skin darkening pigment that gives you the tan you’ve been looking for. However, this doesn’t mean that your skin escapes unscathed. Over time, the damage from UV rays adds up, resulting in leathery, prematurely aged skin and even cancer. 
  • There Are Other Effective Tanning Alternatives That Are Safe, And Equally Effective. There’s no need to risk your safety and well being in order to achieve the perfect tan. While tanning beds may get you the results that you are looking for, they can be extremely damaging to your skin and health in the long run. Why gamble with your state of wellness?

Hopefully we didn’t scare you off too much with our perspective on tanning beds. You can still get the beautiful, bronze results that you are searching for, without the traditional practice of tanning beds and all of the potential risks that come with them. 

Organic Bronze Bar offers a unique, all-natural formula that yields the golden glow that you seek, without any of the health consequences that you just read about. With a safe, customized application of an organic spray tan, you can still look your best while feeling your greatest. Safe for the skin and absolutely stunning on the eyes, the custom process found at Organic Bronze bar will have you feeling radiant, inside and out. 

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