Some of those strong feelings, though, are based on sweeping judgments and information that’s less than complete, and we’re here to help set the record straight so you can make your own calls about what we do.

Keep scrolling to read more about five major tanning misconceptions… and to see how we debunk them.

1. Tanning for a few minutes in a tanning bed is safe.

We want you to forget this entirely.

We may even suggest that you take a brief “It’s not you, it’s me”-style break from whoever said it to you.

That might be a little extreme. But this misconception is a biggie.

Time spent in a tanning bed is in no way equivalent to time spent in the actual sun (when you should still be protecting yourself). An artificial UV tanning bed bombards the skin with dangerous UVA rays that are up to six times stronger than what you experience in the natural sunlight. According to the office of a Canadian Chief Medical Officer, 20 minutes of tanning bed exposure is equivalent to as much as two hours in the mid-day sun… without sunscreen.

So, yeah, that’s not so safe.

2.Tanning needs to be dangerous.

Are you feeling confused?

We don’t blame you. People have very extreme opinions about tanning — clearly — and they exist on both ends of the spectrum. Now that we’ve cleared up the misconception that says traditional UV tanning beds are safe in moderation (say it with us again: they’re not), let’s work on the one that says tanning is dangerous across the board. It doesn’t have to be!

Spray tanning is a great alternative to UV tanning and to excessive, unprotected time in the “real” sun. With a little research, you can find a local salon or at-home self-tanning product that will give you the healthy look you love all year ’round. At the very least, invest in some good sunscreen.

3. Tanning turns you orange.

You saw one person with a slightly orange hue after a spray tan one time and it’s ruined you for life. You’ll never try a spray tan yourself.

But why let one bad orange ruin the whole bunch? (Pause for laughter.)

There are certainly salons and formulas out there that tend to produce a, well, citrus glow — but that’s not true of the whole industry! Our Organic Bronze Bar formula, for one, is anything but orange. We can actually customize our solution so that you leave our store with the exact shade of glow you’re looking for.

When used properly, plenty of the self-tanning products you can find at the local drugstore or supermarket also finish way more bronze than orange, so if you don’t live near one of our locations, you can check one of those out, as well. Just be sure to read (and follow!) the directions.

4. Tanning leaves a funny smell.

You may have gotten a whiff of a tanning formula from another salon… and it may have been less than appealing. To put it nicely.

But if you haven’t picked up on what we’re laying down so far, allow us to remind you that not all spray tan formulas are created equal.

Ours, for example, is free of chemicals and preservatives, which are precisely the cause of the icky odors you’ve gotten from other salons. We use all-natural ingredients like seaweed extract, coconut oil, and Echinacea extract. Beyond just not smelling bad, these organic ingredients smell good and will help add to your overall experience.

5. Tanning isn’t for everyone.

There are no rules about who should and shouldn’t treat themselves to a safe and healthy tan. Everyone’s entitled to the glow that makes them feel their best!

Say goodbye to all of those pesky preconceived notions. The OBB community includes people of all ages, skin types, etc. — and that’s how we like it. If you want to give tanning a try, you should go for it. It really is for everyone.

Have you bought into these misconceptions? That’s okay… you’re in the Organic Bronze Bar family now! Tell us more about your old ideas about tanning on Facebook + Twitter. You won’t believe those ideas for long!