Airbrush Tanning Salon in Charlotte

It’s Easier Than Ever to Get a Perfect Sun-Kissed Glow

Getting a natural-looking golden glow is simpler than ever. At Organic Bronze Bar in Charlotte, NC, you can get a perfectly balanced spray tan in minutes that matches perfectly with your skin, every time. If you have an upcoming special event, or just want to look and feel your best, spray tanning is a great choice no matter what season it is or what the weather looks like outside. There’s no more need for spending hours in the sun where your skin can get damaged and your tan may be uneven and spotty. A spray tan gives you the results you want. 

UV-Free Tanning

There’s no doubt that it’s relaxing to sit out in the sun and work on your tan. You might be able to get a great look that way, but you could be causing serious long-term issues for your skin. It will age at an accelerated rate, leaving you with premature wrinkles and lines. And UV exposure can cause skin cancer and other conditions that are harmful for your health. With spray tanning, you will get all of the benefits of a “natural” tan without any of the drawbacks. Still want to lay out in the sun for hours? Get a spray tan, and then lounge to your heart’s content with an appropriate sunscreen. 

No Spot Missed

One of the biggest drawbacks with a natural tan is how hard it is to get every spot evenly. You can turn over at regular intervals and hold a mirror under your face, but there is still a very good chance that some spots just don’t get exposed to the sun. With spray tanning, there is no concern of this happening. You can get every inch of your body covered, and it will be perfectly balanced so it looks great at any angle. 

Prevent Skin Dehydration

The sun can harm your skin in more ways than one. After you are finished tanning, you might find dry flakes and damage to your skin from a lack of moisture. Not with spray tanning. Organic Bronze Bar products are specially formulated to provide extra hydration to your skin so that it looks great and is healthier than before. Hydrated skin is healthy skin, and we can help you with that. 

A Shade That Works for Your Skin

You never have to worry about your spray tan not looking as natural as it would from the sun. In the past, it was true that spray tans often looked artificial because they didn’t match the skin. We have a wide selection of shades and tones that we can match to the look of your skin. Your tan will look just as natural as one from the sun, and nobody will be able to tell the difference. 

Be Confident in Your Looks

When you have a special event, such as a wedding or a big date, you always want to feel your best and look your best. For many of us, that means having a great bronze glow. However, if you were to rely on the sun for tanning, you may end up with days of rain leading up to the big day, which means you won’t feel and look your best. With a spray tan from Organic Bronze Bar in North Carolina, you can get a tan before that big event no matter what the weather or the temperature is outside. 

Organic Tanning

Most people understand that tanning with the sun will expose them to harmful UV rays. However, many people don’t realize that some spray tan formulas can expose clients to other harmful materials. Everything we use at Organic Bronze Bar is organic and free of harsh chemicals. Your spray tan will help you look great without any negative consequences on your overall health and that of your skin. 

Tanning That Cares

At Organic Bronze Bar, we are always concerned with the world around us. We want the best for our clients, for our community, and for the planet as a whole. Our spray tanning formulas are manufactured with environmentally safe ingredients. We also provide gluten-free options so that everyone can get a great tan without having to worry about what they are absorbing into their bodies. We strive to protect our clients’ skin, their overall health, and the planet. 

PH Skin Preparation

As you go about your day, your skin collects little bits of everything it comes into contact with. This could be dirt, pet hair, and oils, for example. When you go for your tan, this debris can prevent the spray tanning formula from properly adhering to the skin, meaning that your tan will be uneven and quick to fade. Our skin preparation spray will clear away everything off of your skin before your tan, and will also provide your skin with a boost of PH to aid in overall skin health. We also offer exfoliation services to our Charlotte clients that allows for even better adhering to the skin. 


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