I love Organic Bronze Bar’s products and company values. They have a clean, elegant, and modern atmosphere. The shop is so beautiful and has an incredible view of the waterfront. I’ve had two great stylists and I’d trust either one of them with my locks! I highly recommend!

– Alicia

I’ve always used a tanning bed.. Or shall I say used to! Because I hated my first two spray tans at another tanning salon years back! Was so nervous to get one… But I just absolutely love my spray tan OBB did for me πŸ™‚ I felt comfortable and was more than satisfied with my results πŸ™‚ cancelled my other salon account and switching over! Thank you so much!!!

– Emily

Oh my gosh, I love my spray tan! It is the first one I have ever had and I am very light skinned and a senior citizen I might add. I did a level 8 and I love it. I have to admit I was very nervous both about bashfulness and about the end result………..but NO MORE! The staff was was wonderful and made me feel so comfortable and did an outstanding job! Thanks Organic Bronze Bar!!

– Glenda

I got a spray tan the other day and it looks SO natural and it’s very even. So much better than what the other salons have. I was told this spray is made out of walnuts making your skin the actual brown tint as opposed to other salons spray – being made out of beets!

– Kelsea

I am in trouble….I don’t think I can live without it!

– Steven

This is by far the best spray tan ever!!!

– Tracy

This is AMAZING!! Great color and my skin is SO soft!! Thank you Organic Bronze Bar for making me tan for Cabo!!

– Amanda

I’m hooked! My skin looks golden and I feel so incredibly smooth. I love that it’s organic and there aren’t any harsh chemicals.

– Michelle

I had the BEST spray tan ever!!!!!! omg let’s just say I was so amazed of how it turned out and how long it lasted !! I have gotten so many spray tans and never compares to this one that I got!! I am so in love with these tans!

– Amal

I’m in town for my sister’s wedding and she recommended this place. Made an appointment by phone. They sprayed me with a fabulous level 10 organic bronzer. They offer color levels 5 up to 12. The staff was super friendly and did an amazing job getting the color even. I brought my sister in law with me and they were able to spray her too even though she didn’t have an appointment. The first airbrush spray tan is half off the original $50 per spray costing only $25+ tip for first time customers! I’m extremely happy with our experience here!

– Kristina

Love, love, love this place. Went in a little nervous to be nekkid in a room w/ a stranger with a spray gun-but it was not nearly as awkward as I thought. Girl who sprayed me was nice, friendly, funny and tan. She sprayed me a “10” and within 5 minutes I was bronze, a natural looking tan color looking more like I went to Tahiti than I belong on Jersey Shore. I will be coming back and likely signing up for a package for the summer.

– Alicia

A friend told me about the Organic Bronze bar last winter, and I’m so glad she did. I have had my share of spray tan horror stories that left me streaky and orange…so of course I was a little hesitant at first.

I was pleasantly surprised at how wonderful my tan came out! The ladies that work there were so friendly and nice, my tan was applied evenly, and I was a gorgeous shade of golden for new years! I definitely recommend this place. πŸ™‚

– Brenda

I love this place. I’ve gone a few times with appointments (a must) in advance of trips to warmer locals. I’ve gotten many compliments on how the tan turned out – most people cannot believe it is ‘fake’ airbrush tan. All of the women who work here are super friendly and they make you feel comfortable while you’re getting the treatment done. They are thorough and knowledgeable about their products too – how cool is it that this stuff is organic, by the way?? I never leave feeling stinky or gross; the tan lasts for up to a week and doesn’t streak off or dry out the skin. I think that this place is a great value and is definitely a better quality than a plain old tan.

– Erin

I have tried getting spray tans from all sorts of places and most of them all turned funky orange colors not appearing real or I would get weird streak marks. This is the first place I have gone that it actually looked natural and had NO streaks or orange unnatural color on my skin. Also the girls who work there are super nice and helpful.

– Elysabeth

I had an excellent haircut and style at Organic Bronze Bar! I have long hair, which I want to keep, and I am very hesitant when trying a new hairdresser. What I really liked is that she listened to what I wanted and we decided together what would be best, based on what she thought was realistic for my hair. She considered my needs and sincerely wanted me to be happy. The cut was better than I could have imagined and the blowout and style was one of the best Ive had.

I also love the location and environment there… Warm, friendly and right on the water. The spa next door has many wonderful services as well, so it’s a great opportunity to have a day of beautifying.

– Radha

Get a tan without aging your skin! I love the color, benefit, & cost is great if you get package!!

– Jeannie

My tan turned out awesome! I would highly recommend Marissa. I will be coming here for my wedding for sure!

– Kaylyn