Prospective Owner FAQs

Why should I join the organic industry?

We’re glad you asked! Not only is it the hottest trend but it’s a healthy approach that has great health benefits. Products and services in this field impact the quality of people’s lives, and that has meaning.

What are the benefits of being an OBB owner?

Besides offering a business that provides a healthy alternative to UV tanning and that saves lives, we help negotiate your lease, coordinate location, build out and set up your store, help you hire staff and set up marketing strategies, build your website, train you on every aspect of the business, provide tools and resources and provide ongoing support for all of these functions. This is a low overhead, easy to run business that is profitable. It’s a meaningful business with high success potential

What if I don’t know about construction or real estate? Will you help me with my lease negotiation and the build out of my OBB?

Absolutely! Once we work together to determine the location for your OBB, our team will work with you on lease negotiations, design, feasibility studies, and construction build out to ensure success.

How much time will I need to commit to being an OBB owner? How many hours per week will I be working?

This is your own personal preference. Some owners will work the store personally and then hire, and some will hire and train right out of the gate. We do suggest that you dedicate a few hours a week to your new business until it’s thriving and you are able to hire a manager. Typically, owners will promote an employee to a manager position, and assign certain hours for the employee to spray and carry out managerial duties

What if I don’t have a business degree?

You don’t have to have a degree to be a good business owner. If you are qualified for this opportunity, we have already determined that you have the background and credentials to run a successful business — from there it’s up to you to make it happen!

What support does OBB provide to its owners? How long will I receive this support?

We provide support, resources and tools to help you through your first year and beyond. Our progressive website portal has an Owner Support section you will find tools, training videos, FAQs, best practices, collaboration meetings, and more. We provide an operations manual that literally walks you through all aspects of the business, step-by-step. If you need additional help beyond what we provide, there are paid training and classes available.

Can I become an OBB owner if I’ve never used spray tanning before?

Of course, this is about believing in the product and service you are providing; it’s a very good idea to experience the process so you have a full understanding of your business and brand.

What research do you have that OBB will be popular in my city?

Only you know your city, and whether it currently has other spray tanning businesses. OBB is the real deal. Other imposters can say they have healthy and safe alternatives, but do they really? Do they market an organic product that is not certified organic? Do they provide the excellent service that they claim to have in their location(s)? In our opinion, if there is a large demographic, then competition is good However, we are confident that the Organic Bronze Bar business is something that every city needs, and dreams of having. Every city that offers UV tanning needs to offer this healthy alternative. In the end, it’s all about how well the owner runs their business.

What sets Organic Bronze Bar apart from your competitors?

An amazing customer service, proprietary, exclusive, private label solution that is hands down the best on the market, with beautiful retail design. We also routinely donate to cancer research, which adds value to the client’s experience and makes it meaningful. We take pride in our fair membership pricing, top notch retail products and, best of all, we save lives. One person dies every hour from skin cancer in the U.S. alone. Need we say more?

How much does it cost?

Unlike other franchise or business opportunities, getting your own successful Organic Bronze Bar up and running can take as little as $50,000 or up to $75,000. Costs depend on your market area, payroll, advertising and the construction costs associated with your build out.

How much do OBB services cost compared to other non-organic and organic salons?

Our services are comparable or lower than what the competition offers. While this may vary from location to location, we strive to remain available for our customers at a competitive cost.

How long will it take for my storefront to be available to customers?

Depending on your particular situation and demographics, you can be open and ready for business in approximately six to eight weeks.

Still have questions?

Contact Organic Bronze Bar Founder and Owner Danielle Van Auken.


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