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Become an Organic Bronze Bar member today for organic airbrush tans in Charlotte. There are four membership levels to choose from. *



unlimited tans and quenches




THREE pre-paid tans per month

Tans do not roll over.



TWO pre-paid tans per month

ONE tan rolls over to next month.

Teens / Students


TWO pre-paid tans per month

Tans do not rollover.

All members receive the following benefits.

  • 10% off all retail products
  • Additional tans at discounted rate, $15 per tan

* 30 days written notice required to end membership. Some restrictions may apply.

For questions or to connect with the Membership Manager please email: charlotte@organicbronzebar.com – Attention Jill.

August Specials

Tan Packages (no expiration!)

  • 2 tans for $75
  • 3 tans for $100
    Buy a 3 tan pack and receive 10% off a product of your choice!
  • 4 tans for $115
  • 6 tans for $150
  • 8 tans for $200
    Buy a 8 tan pack or larger and receive a free small Epicuren Afterbath Lotion!
  • 10 tans for $250
  • 12 tans for $300



Organic Airbrush Tan – $50

Rapid Organic Airbrush Tan – $50

For our clients on the go! One Solution, 3 different shades depending on the length of time you leave it on. Shower in 3-4 hours for a light tan; 4-5 hours for a medium tan, and 5-6 hours for a dark tan. Dries instantly and creates your perfect tan in 1/2 the time!

Happy Hour Airbrush Tan – $35

Tuesday and Wednesday from 1pm – 4pm

Skin Quench – $30

Like a body wrap but with an all over spray application, and 88 hydrating and conditioning ingredients. This treatment leaves your skin feeling like silk. Sprays on clear, odorless and dries instantly. Best applied a day or so before your tan, or a couple days after your tan to keep the tan most vibrant!

Onsite Airbrush Tans Available!

Travel Fee Applies, call for details