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Where did OBB come from?

A note from our Founder, Danielle Van Auken.

The purpose of this business is to educate people on the risks of skin cancer and to provide healthy alternatives to UV tanning.

Our focus is to teach people how dangerous tanning beds are, especially for early aged tanners. It is also important to know that the sun can be equally harmful to a person’s long-term health.

With Organic Airbrush Tanning, we have created a healthy alternative to those who seek a healthy glow. It is our goal to inform everyone about the real risks, facts, statistics, and stories associated with the sun and with tanning beds.

When I was a teen, we were never educated on the dangers of UV tanning. We would lather on the baby oil and off we went, baking in the sun for hours! And of course, we would frequently use dangerous UV tanning beds. I’ve been lucky so far not to be diagnosed with skin cancer but many others receive the news of skin cancer daily.

It’s eye opening to learn that in the U.S. alone, that one person will die from skin cancer every hour!

Organic Bronze Bar is a place where customers feel proud to belong. The healthy and organic approach to beauty is on every one’s minds. What ingredients are being used is in products are important and clients investigate and care about what they put on their skin. More and more, we are growing more health conscious and are thinking organic in many areas of our lives.

Our proprietary and exclusive solution blend is made with all-natural and organic ingredients. We use top of the line spray equipment technology. The tan is applied by a friendly person, not a machine. We employ staff who are professionals and that give you a customized glow that matches your skin tone.

Where is OBB Going next?

Press Release:


Charlotte, North Carolina (January, 2016) – OBB proudly opened its first franchise in January of 2016. Other franchise locations to follow soon.