Your New Healthy Obsession.

The nation’s first airbrush tan made with all natural, paraben-free and organic ingredients.


Let us customize your glow!

OBB was born to offer a healthy alternative to UV tanning. Further more, we wanted to offer individuals seeking a tan the option of no orange, no streak, no smell, no booth and clean airbrush tanning solution. What drives us is the desire to serve all people of every size, shape, age and heritage. Our need to extend this welcoming and caring environment is what guided our passion of creating this company.

Let us customize your glow with our exclusive formula made with all-natural and organic ingredients. Vegan, and with no harsh chemicals or preservatives, our solution includes; naturally derived seaweed extract, coconut oil, Echinacea extract, anti-oxidants and pure botanicals and 75 more anti-aging and hydrating ingredients. Our airbrush tan will leave your skin looking radiant with a natural-looking bronze glow. Our bronzer includes an SPF 15 protection and leaves your skin looking and feeling like silk.

At Organic Bronze Bar we start by customizing the solution to your desired look from the very light skinned skin type, to the naturally dark-skinned individuals. We understand and respect that not all skin types and colors are the same. Each airbrush tan is hand applied by a professional airbrush tan specialist. Our tanning specialists will make sure each area is attended to and evenly distributed. By eliminating the one size fits all spray booth machines, our tan specialists will assure that you have just the right amount of coverage in just the right areas, to make you look and feel radiant.

Our Formula


Every year we add a new component to the formula.

Take a sneak peek of the formula.


Tips for the Best Results

The following tanning tips are bits of information to ensure you receive the full, proper effect of our tanning services.

Before your appointment

> Arrive Showered, Shaved and Exfoliated
> Do NOT Wear any Lotions, Perfumes or Deodorants
> Wear Dark Loose Fitting Clothes and Opened Toed Shoes

After your appointment

> Plan on Wearing the Tan Solution for 6 to 8 hours
> Do NOT Work Out or Shower for 6 to 8 Hours After Your Tan Appointment


Client Testimonials

I got a spray tan the other day and it looks SO natural and it’s very even. So much better than what the other salons have. I was told this spray is made out of walnuts making your skin the actual brown tint as opposed to other salons spray – being made out of beets!


I have tried getting spray tans from all sorts of places and most of them all turned funky orange colors not appearing real or I would get weird streak marks. This is the first place I have gone that it actually looked natural and had NO streaks or orange unnatural color on my skin.


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Choose Your Own Bronze Level

Organic Bronze Bar serves to all ages, ethnicity, shapes and sizes! We love you all and want to make you feel confident and give you that natural glow!

We will custom blend our solution to your skin tone, as we all have different skin types, so we can truly give you a natural looking bronze.